This is how we work!

Buyers:  Some agents will bind you to them with a Buyer Rep Agreement right from the start.  They do this to make sure they have your business for a certain period of time, usually 60-90 days or sometimes longer.  Inside that time period, you may discover the agent that caught your attention and gave you all of his/hers may not be doing the job for you that you thought you were going to be getting.  I won't have you sign anything until the day we are going to make an offer on a home.  It may take a week, a month or a year, but I will be there doing what I love, working for you without roping you into a confusing contract.

Sellers:  If you wish to sell your home with us, there are many; what we consider; standard services we provide up front at no cost to you.  We will first determine a selling price for your home.  Something realistic, within the current market.  We will not "inflate" the estimated value of your home just to get your business.  We then have a professional Home Stager come in to help figure out the best way to market your home.  We always employ a professional photographer to make sure the beauty and uniqueness of your home is captured properly.  Along with creating a personalize website specifically  for the sale of your home.






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